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Behind the scenes process of my work, recaps of my live painting shows, and stories that I find valuable

Great I Am


I can't put this past weekend into words. God showed up.

It was such a gift that us as sinners can come together and worship Him. Truth was spoken and prayer was heard. One thing we prayed for was that this wouldn't be an emotional high that we have for a few days but that God would keep that fire growing inside of us. That our worship would be our lives. Jesus is worthy of all praise. The old has gone the new has come.

Being on stage worshiping with the team is something that I am not used to. I had to constantly be in prayer to draw my thoughts away from myself and on Jesus. I wanted to be used by Him. Painting is just a tool that God uses and I think He did. To be able to give a visual process of story telling can make things click for people. It does for me, and it's how I express my heart and how I see God. I am so thankful that I got to do this. Doing something so fast in an hour on 5 ft. canvases made me be more free with the paint and just worship and enjoy God's presence. His Grace is enough.