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Brought Back to Life

During the week that this painting was made I was inspired by a man who spoke about destruction from Baltimore riots. Rev. Donte Hickman's church was building a senior center that was burned down during riots after Freddie Gray's funeral. The thing about destruction and being in the midst of chaos it is hard to see any kind of hope. I was taken back by the response that Rev. Hickman gave the reporter when he was asked what he saw what was next for his town. If you want to watch the interview you can see it below.

As an artist I had this image of what revival could look like coming out of destruction. I saw this bomb exploding and this cloud expanding that had everything around it blowing away. I saw the rioters and the people lashing out against the city that was supposed to be protecting them. I saw brokenness and sin. I saw a world that needs an answer. A world that needs a heart beat. Typically with destruction we look to find answers once the dust settles but I find a man standing in the middle of the destruction and spilling blood for it. What cuts through the destruction is his heart beat, his blood. I see Jesus. I see revival in Jesus and how he gave his life for us. I wanted to show how destruction can be renewed and brought back to life through not ourselves, but the living God who gave his son to pay for our sins. Through him I see renewal. 

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