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Live Show Recap 1-11-15

Sorry you had to miss out on this amazing show, but incase you did here is what happened. We had two videographers recording the evening and TJ recorded audio for one of his songs that we will be using for a promotional video. In the video we will also be explaining our vision and what we are doing at Mama Carmen's.

Here are some pictures attached of the painting and setup. It was a 10 song set that took about an hour. I kept painting for another 20 minutes after the music stopped and everyone there were mingling. Very laid back with different people walking up and talking about the painting. I will hopefully start a new charcoal piece up on the wall Wednesday and we will be painting/playing music every Friday of this month.

A few things that I am going to work on this week:
– Make a sign with time and day of the week we will be playing stand up next to the stage to give people a heads up.
– Write up stories for each art piece that will be showing at the gallery and our vision for the space so people can read it. Also thinking of having pictures of us with it.
– Finish content for MC website page for us.
– Plan for art pieces on Wednesday and Friday.
– Send out Newsletter on Wednesday with story of the piece from the previous show.
– Make something that people can take home of them to remind them of their experience.
– Get prints framed to rotate artwork.

I would love to hear any input or questions you all have! If you want to get exclusive updates and showtimes then you can sign up for my Newsletter here:

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