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Live Show Recap "Faith Unseen" & "You Hold My Path"

The last few live painting shows have been great. Different people have come each time and it has been a great way to have interesting conversations and allow people to be a part of the creative process.

I find it very powerful when someone when will spend an hour of their evening to watch you create a part of their story.

 It is difficult to be satisfied with the end result of a 1 hour painting. I try to see it as a long conversation with someone. Just one person in the crowd that I am speaking to. I try to push aside all of the insecurities or desire to try to impress, but make a connection with someone and speak to them in some way. Whether that is addressing something of their past or where they are going, I want to help people to see themselves in my paintings. 

leaning forward

Here is the painting of a digital illustration I did a while back. It is called "Faith Unseen". I began painting the ledge of where the tree and man would be standing on. I put a briefcase on the group depicting how we carry our baggage around with us. That might be bad or good things that we hold on to, but I wanted to show the act of leaving all that we carry behind us.

We have been called to take a leap of faith not knowing what is ahead of us. And be willing to give up everything we have.

I'm not saying to leap to our death, but knowing that we are being carried by something else. I personally believe that God uses the struggles in our lives or the blessings to be used as a guidance towards him. When you leave your luggage behind, it is then used to help guide and carry us forward in life. Are we going to stay rooted with the tree or are we going to take the plunge?

You Hold My Path

I've always day dreamed about sitting up in the stars. I think about walking on the stars when my time here on earth is up. I see myself being held in my creators hands and being welcomed into eternity. Who holds your path? I have faith that Jesus holds the path to life after our short time here on earth. You might not believe that is the story of life, but I want you to know that the things I create are simply a reaction to what has gripped me. I am held by these hands. Sometimes I don't feel like I am and I feel like I am falling into know where. So I named this piece, "You Hold My Path". 

I even had some kiddos help me paint some of the stars! They were really into the painting and music and I saw myself in them when I was young. I remember having old artists taking me under their wing and letting me be a part. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to do art lessons or mentor someone. We will see!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post and follow along this journey with me. It has been such a learning experience doing this live paintings and I feel like it's different every night! If you ever want to come see my paint I put showtimes on the front page of the website. I would love to know your thoughts and feedback!

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