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You are more than what you do.

It has been a struggle for me recently to really take the time to enjoy God and take a step back from all of the things I have been doing. Although it is a blessing to be able to have work, it's easy to let it be a distraction to what matters most. I have found that being in this busy head space has brought a lot more worry and anxiety into my life. I know that isn't healthy for me or those close by. I am thankful for community that reminds me there are seasons in life where you don't always have control over the external activities, and yet making internal space for God amidst the busyness is so important. You are more than what you do. I am loved by my creator and I realize that I have been given gifts to serve him, but I must also know Jesus. If you aren't finding spiritual rest like myself, then maybe writing this not only help remind me but spur you to be proactive in finding time in God's word and in prayer. Love you all, and thanks for loving me.


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