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We Are In This Together

Sometimes we find ourselves in an empty season. We have this routine thing called life that is exhausting and for some reason we find ourselves sinking. I have been through many empty seasons in my life. Whether that was because of a freak illness or just bad relationships, I have had to endure different hardships. I have been very fortunate to have loving family and friends that have been there in my time of need.

This post isn't about dwelling on our gloom. It's about being vulnerable with it and letting others know about it. We shouldn't shy away from darkness in our lives but expose itIn order to be helped we have to share that we need helping. So take a rest and sit next to someone and watch the sunset with them. Share your heart with someone that is willing to listen first, then respond. It's hard for some of you to be vulnerable but I get out of my dark seasons quicker by doing so. We shouldn't have to go through life alone. Also, you must speak out the light inside of people. Whether that is on a bus ride, in class, or in a meeting at work. Reach out your hand and pick them up when any opportunity comes.

I created this illustration a few years ago for a fundraiser with 3bagsin2days about helping others. If you are interested in having this reminder in your home you can buy a print here.

Tell me, what are you needing a hand in? How can I listen to you?

Hope to hear from you.

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